Independent content creator Dee Siren has released a self-created clip for the newly launched Model Time channel on AdultTime.

Dee Siren and Wayne Siren wrote, created and star in the new clip, titled “Sharing the Sizzling Wife.”

“Dee plays the part of a wife prepared to embark on a wild night of lovemaking,” a rep explained. “After seductively dressing in her sexiest attire, she’s off for an erotic experience with 1 of her lovers. Not wanting to leave her husband out of the equation, she video-calls him for a front-row seat of the sizzling intercourse that is about to take spot.”

The clip presents “an exciting new phase” in their careers, said the rep.

Grownup Time is a global brand, and obtaining our function featured on their website is a phenomenal encounter,” enthused Dee Siren. “Wayne and I came up with a entertaining and attractive notion that would be acquainted to our followers, but nevertheless unique ample to stand on its own. I think Grownup Time buyers are going to adore the video and will want to see much more from us.”