Damn! Talk about a fine flock of fuck-me-in-the-ass-content foxes. Do not actually know which one particular o’ these tender is the tastiest! In other phrases, this filthy fifth edition of “True Anal Addiction” — from commence to finish! — does not disappoint. Certainly, there just isn’t a negative scene right here, seeing as all of the fresh females look excellent and complete just as magnificently.

Brunette attractiveness Karly Baker starts the dirty anal addiction proceedings and, boy, does Karly have one particular bodacious bottom! Significant meaty thighs, as well. And very the pretty pussy. A show-stopping sequence is when she rides Mike Adrianos cock during cowgirl-anal, her ass cheeks all greased up and quaking like they are gonna bring the house down. Outstanding cock-gagger, as well.

Blonde tart Sophia Deluxe will get the Adriano-ass-blast treatment method up coming. I really like her eye speak to with Mikey, as he slowly penetrates her anus by means of missionary even though, after again, I think Deluxe’s ideal interlude right here is when Sophia-sphincter is riding Mikey during cowgirl. An energetic gal, she understands how to move that moneymaker! Greased-up doggie-anal with the ever-smiling Sophia is also pretty thoughts-blowing/dick-exploding! Mike sooner or later erupts Adriano-jam into Soph’s butthole during reverse-cowgirl-anal, shot from his POV, with our man Mikey possessing her push the spermatozoa out into a fluted glass and then drink it (gulp!) down. Yep, Soph’s certainly one particular superlative slut!

And we have two far more even steamier scenes to go! Bespectacled Anna DeVille is yet another salacious sweetie. It is really fab seeing Anna’s huge, succulent pussy just screaming at us when Mike bangs her backdoor during reverse-cowgirl-anal — ditto for missionary-anal, which I think is DeVille’s extremely ideal position. But witnessing Anna-little one majorly gape during doggie-anal is a film highlight Mikey eventually jerking off into her dilated anus during that same scalding position, soon after which she brilliantly rosebuds/ejects the things out and into a martini glass, quickly swallowing it all down. And did I mention that I really like dear little Anna’s spectacles?…

We end with ultra-juicy (mama!), pretty blonde Kay Carter, who actually does look outrageously lovely, even though her entire body is equally-off-the-scale lush — and the young lady is, truly, very articulate, as well. Right here Kay will get a butt-blastin’ from Euro rogue Steve Holmes ideal moments currently being her at instances energetic, at instances slow, but constantly slutty deepthroating of Holmes-hose receiving it up the butthole doggie design (she may possibly have one particular of the ideal booties in the biz!) sucking Stevie’s soiled sword soon after he gingerly removes it from her fresh backside during doggie (really like her!) Stevie banging her pussy itself by means of doggie (glad he does not waste that ever-valuable hole!) Kay riding cock with anus during cowgirl, as those priceless cheeks crazily cascade each which way and, finally, Carter-little one rimming Stevie to jizz-eruption, with boy-batter dripping onto her tongue and all over her facial cheeks. Wow! Carter also (extremely critical!) has a terrific all-close to perspective. What a doll!

“True Anal Addiction 5” is one particular of those gonzos that moves, per chronological scene, from strength to strength, with each and every suck-cessive episode currently being better, nastier than the previous one particular this fiery fifth edition eventually receiving into volcanic and nuclear territories with Anna DeVille and Kay Carter, respectively. Do not miss this wonderfully gnarly title, produced all the far more brilliant with its sexy, filthy, newbie female cast especially (cannot about ‘em ample!) the ever-chipper, ever-nasty Anna and Kay.