Peek-A-Boo Slot Canyon Adventure (Private)

This is a private tour to a public destination. By private, we mean that we don’t combine groups. We will however fill as many seats as we can in a single UTV. Please contact with questions regarding how we privatize. (Minimum 2 guests per booking.) This is a fully guided tour where guides do the driving. NO GUEST DRIVING

Get ready for a fun ride to Peek-A-Boo slot canyon! The best way to get to the canyon is with an off-road machine. Our Polaris Rangers are the most fun you’ll have getting over the sandy trails to the sandboarding location. Sandboarding is an optional activity for children, teens and anyone that wants to give it a try free of charge. There are sand dunes and beautiful scenery along the way. This slot canyon is away from the crowds and is a great alternative to some of those busy areas at the national parks. The hike through the canyon is not difficult. A short ladder is present. It is a great opportunity for kids and families to relax and go at their own pace.

Monument Valley Tour

See Monument Valley with a local and expert Navajo guide. This tour covers restricted parts of the valley, from sandstone arches to famous monuments like The Three Sisters, The Totem Pole Spire, The Mitten Buttes and The YeiBiChei Spires. Get up close to ancient ruins and the most iconic monoliths. Learn about the history and culture of the valley. Relax while your guide plays the Native American flute or sings a ceremonial song.

2.5 Hour Guided Tour of Monument Valley

This is a 28/45 km, 2.5 hour guided tour that includes the major scenic points and also The Backcountry monuments in Monument Valley. The Backcountry portion of the tour includes arches and ancient Petroglyphs from the Anasazi people.

Hell’s Revenge 4×4 Off-Roading Tour from Moab

Cruise off the beaten path by UTV (utility terrain vehicle) to explore the Hell’s Revenge Trail on a 2.5-hour off-road adventure from Moab. With an experienced guide leading the way, you will drive a Kawasaki Teryx 4 — a 4×4 vehicle equipped for traversing sandstone domes and slickrock ledges. The difficult route combines the thrill of steep climbs and descents with views of La Sal Mountains, Grandstaff Canyon and Abyss Canyon. Travel in a small group of up to four vehicles with a maximum of four passengers per vehicle.

East Zion Experiences 4-Hour Slot Canyon Canyoneering UTV Tour

Travel in Off Road ATV’s to the base of a little known slot canyon called Coal Hollow Slot Canyon. After a short 1/2 mile but steep hike we will arrive at the first of 6 to 7 rappels. We provide all the equipment we will need for this amazing opportunity to rappel into a slot canyon. We will spend around an hour navigating through this Amazing place.

Private Tours for groups of 4 or more.

East Zion Experiences UTV Slot Canyon Tour

Come join East Zion Experience for an unforgettable slot canyon experience. We will spend the majority of our tour on our UTV’s. Our guides will drive you in the UTV (Can Am Defenders) to Upper and Lower Red Caves Slot Canyons. Don’t forget your camera you will have the ability to take amazing pictures to remember this.
Private Tour for groups of 4 or more.

Guided Hell’s Revenge UTV Tour

This tour is given by a small locally owned and operated family business. We have friendly knowledgeable guides, competitive prices and no hidden fees.

Drive the world famous Hell’s Revenge Trail and experience heart pounding steep climbs and descents over mounds of rollercoaster type slickrock. You will follow an experienced guide while you operate a new Kawasaki Teryx 800 UTV. This tour offers incredible scenery, small group sizes and a personable touch. This 2 hour tour includes free bottled water and free pictures of your tour taken by your tour guide and delivered to you at the end of the tour.

Arches National Park 4×4 Adventure from Moab

Hop into a Toyota Land Cruiser with your expert guide and head north from Moab to the backcountry entrance of Arches National Park and avoid the crowds.

Our first stop is to see dinosaur footprints. For millions of years this area was teeming with dinosaurs.

We pass Balanced Rock, one of the most iconic features of the Park, standing a staggering 128 feet. Landscape look familiar? Indiana Jones, and Thelma and Louise have scenes shot here.

The 4X4 trail into the backcounty climbs a short but steep rock wall passing sandstone fins, towering pinnacles and tall spires known as the Marching Men. We stop at Tower Arch for an optional hike.

As you travel along the track, hear informative commentary about the geology, wildlife and history of the park.

We make another stop at Eye of the Whale for an optional hike to a seldom visited slick rock playground named Herdina Park.

After exploring the backcountry we exit past the three gossips and Park Avenue before your guide returns you to Moab.

Monument Valley Sunrise or Sunset Tour

This 3-hour Lower Monument Valley sunrise or sunset tour is a custom tour created by your guide. It is a chance for them to create their own itinerary to give their guests the best experience of Monument Valley. Our guides do stop at the major scenic overlooks and monuments like the John Ford’s Point, Big Hogan, Totem Pole, Sun’s Eye and more.

1.5 Hour Tour of Monument Valley’s Valley Loop Drive

This is a 17 mile/25 km guided tour of the Valley Loop Drive taking 1.5 hours to complete. This tour excursion includes cinematic/movie locations and the famous scenic overlooks every visitor should experience and see.

Private Monument Valley Horseback Riding Tour

The Horse Tour is unique, interactive, and exhilarating. It takes to see places like sleeping bear, sitting hen, along side Eagle Mesa and more unique rock formation. Our horses have grown up within a Navajo Ranching family who are passionate in sharing an experience of riding within the Southwestern Desert among high red sandstone monuments. Our professional horseback guides are available sunrise to sunset and will match with a horse based on your riding experience.

East Zion Experiences Ultimate Slot Canyon Canyoneering UTV Adventure

Escape the crowds and join East Zion Experiences on a truly unique experience. We travel to and from the canyons in our off Road Can Am ATV Defenders. They hold 6 people comfortably. The canyons we go to can only be accessed by private property via locked gates. This ensures that you rarely encounter others. The canyons are breathtaking and rappelling them adds to the adventure.
Private Tours for groups of 4 or more.

Sunset, Sandboarding at Peekaboo Slot Canyon UTV Adventure (Private)

This experience is private, no need to worry about combined groups causing social distancing problems. (Minimum 2 guests per booking.) Guides drive the UTVs. No guest driving.

Great sunsets can often be found near Zion National Park. This location is within 30 minutes of Zion. This is a great opportunity to see the beautiful Peekaboo slot canyon and then have some fun on the sand dunes at sunset. The beauty of the dunes just adds to an already unique ATV adventure. Sand boarding down a dune is one of the optional activities and the kids especially will love it! Whether its a sight seeing ride or an adventuresome outing for the kids, this experience has something for everyone.

Peekaboo Slot Canyon

We are the 6th generation of (LOCAL) tour guides in Kanab. We have a love and passion for our area. We know all the secret places and hidden gems and love what we do. We have an open air truck for extra room and safety.

55 Mile – Helicopter Tour Around Zion National Park

Your tour begins from our heliport located just minutes from the Zion National Park Entrance. Your flight will depart north taking in views of Smith Mesa, Zion, and Red Butte Mountain. Next take in the breathtaking sheer cliffs of the Canaan wilderness area!

Sandboarding & Slot Canyon UTV Adventure (Private)

This experience is private, no need to worry about combined groups causing social distancing problems. (Minimum 2 guests per booking.) This is a fully guided experience where guides do the driving. NO GUEST DRIVING.

Sandboarding is a unique activity and makes this a great family tour with the addition of the short slot canyon hike. But the best thing about this tour is the ride in a UTV/ATV. The sand dune we board down is great for all ages. You can either board standing up or sled sitting down! At 2 hours, this tour allows you to easily get in a fun activity that wont make you dedicate an entire day to an excursion while also providing some fast paced excitement. We have found that many guests prefer not to ride for hours on the dusty trails. And with short vacation time not everyone has the opportunity for the longer tours! It is a quick stop on the way to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park and will most likely be a location you pass on your travels to see the parks.

Canyonlands National Park Tour

This spectacular Redtail Air Adventures flight will carry you above the fantastic scenery of Canyonlands National Park. Majestic 1000-foot high cliffs rise above the Colorado and Green Rivers, which border it on either side. Serpentine drainage systems are carved into the terrain below the cliffs. Upheaval Dome can be seen at its northern end; the Confluence of the the two rivers form the district’s southernmost point. Then on to the Needles District, the most fanciful and colorful portion of Canyonlands. Pink and white bands can be seen in its many spires and cliffs, and it is the home of some of the most remote and famous arches of canyon country. Difficult to reach by hiking and extremely beautiful, Angel Arch and Druid Arches are the best known. Elephant Arch, Kirk Arch, Wedding Ring Arch and Castle Arch, hidden away in the back country, are also included. Photographic opportunities abound!

Moab Xtreme 3-Hour Experience

Don’t be fooled by cheaper options – they aren’t comparable to this experience!
There is no other tour that can compete with our Xtreme 3 hour 1/2 day tour. We cover the most trail and offer the wildest experience for our guests.
Our tours come with the most experienced and friendly guides who put your safety as their priority. We offer the best quality roll cage, 5 point harnesses and bucket seats for optimal safety and comfort. This tour is proven to be an unforgettable experience and safe for all ages. Scenery is beautiful and ride is thrilling!

This tour includes Slick Rock, Hells Gate, Mickeys Hot Tub, Car Wash Hot Tub, Escalator, Cowboy Hill, Really Steep Hill, and the Colorado River Overlook! These are named obstacles (difficult rated) parts of the trail that no other company in Moab will offer you – not even with a rental.

Zion Sunset Jeep Tour

Take an exciting ride up the mountain as you climb to one of the highest points of East Zion. This is a fast-paced Jeep ride, followed by a relaxing stop at the top of the mountain as the sun sets over the cliffs of Zion National Park and lights up the sky. We provide chairs, blankets, and snacks as guests experience Zion in this unique way. After the sun has set, we again climb into the Jeep for yet another thrilling ride. Be prepared to feel as though you have stepped into a scene from Indian Jones as we descend the mountain! This activity is perfect for groups or families of all ages!

In fall and winter months, be prepared for cold weather! Make sure you bring hats, gloves, coats, etc. to keep you warm while you enjoy the tour.

Canyonlands National Park Half-Day Tour from Moab

Explore the Island in the Sky district of Canyonlands National Park on a half-day 4-wheel drive (4WD) tour. Your experienced guide negotiates steep switchbacks and rugged tracks along the White Rim Road to take you to stunning vistas such as Gooseneck Overlook. See sites with remnants of ancient Pueblo civilizations, canyons that drop 1,000 feet (300 meters) straight down, and parts of the Colorado River. An easy trail from Moab, this area offers a fantastic experience of Canyonlands National Park.

Monument Valley Extended Backcountry Tour

The Extended backcountry tour offers all Highlight stops and additional stops that are not covered in the regular backcountry tour. Spend more time with your Navajo guide and indulge in an experience that uncovers the secrets, myths, and legends of the Navajo Culture. Navigate through 28 miles of Monument Valley’s Finest spectacles where movies, commercials, and performances were made. Enjoy the luxury of exploring areas that are off-limits to normal travelers; and listen and watch your guide bring the monuments to life through its history, story telling, and live performances. Enjoy a visit to a local Navajo Hogan and watch a demonstration of the art of Navajo Rug Weaving. Behind the breathtaking Mesas, Buttes, Spires, and Arches there are hidden stories waiting to be told.

Moab’s Most Wanted You-Drive ATV/UTV Adventure!

You have arrived at the home of Moab’s favorite adventures. Outlaw specializes in custom-built Jeeps and UTVs, perfectly equipped for Moab’s challenging trails. No other guide service offers top quality vehicles like we do. If you are looking for an adventure you will never forget, you have come to the right place. Just look at the range of packages we offer. Whether you are a beginning or experienced trail driver, we have the adventure you seek. -Rent a customized, trail-ready Jeep and take off on your own. Follow one of our professional guides on a scenic You-Drive Tour with a Jeep or UTV. Choose an easy or extreme route, depending on your skill level. Drive your own vehicle as our professional guide leads you through Moab’s back roads. Relax as our guide drives you on a breathtaking Sunset Tour overlooking the Colorado River. Don’t settle for just any tour during your visit to Moab. Go with the best. Go with Outlaw Adventure Tours!

Discover Moab in A Day: Arches, Canyonlands, and Dead Horse Point

If you’re looking to maximize your sightseeing of the most important highlights of Arches Canyonlands, and Dead Horse Point this tour is for you!

On this non-bumpy, delightfully revealing tour you will be taking in the marvels of Arches within 5 minutes of entering the park. Don’t waste your time getting jostled around in the backcountry missing many of the important highlights of the parks. Join us instead on this most comprehensive tour of all three parks, and the most spectacular way to take in the Best of Moab in one day.

Experience Arches National Park by taking spectacular photos, walking up into arches, and seeing some of the hidden gems on a four hour morning tour. Then, head over to Dead Horse Point State Park for a quick visit to the famous Colorado river overlook and then Canyonlands National Park to finish off the all-day experience with world class canyon vistas! Learn about the phenomenal and surprising geology and ecology of the desert from an expert guide!

East Zion Crimson Canyon Hike & UTV Adventure

Millions of years of water, wind, and other natural forces have carved away stunning Slot Canyons. Southern Utah is home to several world premiere canyons unlike any other. And on this tour you will get to experience this beauty free of the crowds.

4×4 Tour Adventure in Moab, Utah

This tour is offered by a locally owned and operated small family business. We have friendly knowledgeable guides and competitive prices with no hidden fees!

Our “Beast” tour is like nothing else in Moab. The “Beast” sits on massive 46″ tires and has front and rear steering. We also do the steep slickrock climbs and descents that no other hummer tour will do, and we do it safely with families of all age groups. The “Beast” Tour is geared towards family fun and is the #1 rated family activity to do in Moab! We stop at real dinosaur tracks and the Abyss Canyon Overlook. We also take all of your groups pictures for you, including some very unique pictures you are sure to love! This tour is guaranteed to be the highlight of your trip to Moab!

East Zion Resort Horse Trail Riding Tour

Get away from the crowds and come experience authentic wrangler guided horseback ride amongst some of the most beautiful views of red/white rock cliffs, Orderville valley, and the gorgeous Southern Utah Landscape, all on our privately owned land that we don’t have to share with anyone. This trail is over hills and through desert wooded mountainside with views the whole way, not just on flat land like many other rides. It is so serene, yet exhilarating and inspiring to rub shoulders with one of natures finest animals in one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes.

Guided Hike through Peek-a-Boo Slot Canyon

Peek-A-Boo Slot Canyon is a quiet, special place off the beaten path just outside of beautiful Kanab.

The quiet serenity of beautiful colored Navajo Sandstone rocks that have taken millions of years to form will take your breath away and leave you wanting more.

Sunset Tour of Monument Valley

Witness the lighting transformation of Monument Valley during the sunset tour. This tour will explore areas that truly express Monument Valley’s vivid lighting and rock features. The tour guide will navigate through highlight areas and restricted back country areas that are off-limit to normal travelers. During the adventure the tour guide will keep you engaged with information of the history, tradition and Navajo culture of Monument Valley. Enjoy a thorough demonstration of Navajo Rug Weaving inside a Tradition Navajo Hogan and a live performance by your guide as you explore the back country. A great tour for those who seek perspective. Capture the full intensity of vivid lighting and shadow shifting on the unique SUNSET tour of Monument Valley.

Canyonlands National Park and Fisher Towers Tour

Canyonlands National Park and Dead Horse Point State Park are two highly popular parks near Moab. These parks showcase Utah’s immense desert landscape of canyons and high desert woodland, as well as breathtaking natural views. A flightseeing tour of these parks offers panoramic views of Canyonland’s pinnacles and buttes and the brightly colored potash salt ponds in Dead Horse Point. Over many years, the elements have created the many layers of rocks in the canyon county, laying the foundation for the current state of the parks.

Moab U-Drive Slickrock Guided Tour

This is not a rental vehicle – so there won’t be any huge deposits or credit card holds.
This option is great because it is an experience that is great for both the experienced and un experienced off-road driver. With a guide, you’ll know exactly where to go and what to do. Our 4 seater vehicles are private so only your family will be riding together in that vehicle. The vehicles are very easy to drive and user friendly.
Your guide will give you a safety and instruction talk before your tour.

Hells Revenge trail is a slick rock trail in the Sand Flats Recreation Area. It is a 4 minute ride from our store to the trail head. We will meet and load up at our location and head out right from there. Riding up and over the red rock domes are unique to our area and exciting for any visitors.

The reservation is for 1 vehicle. If you would like more than one vehicle you will have to enter more than one reservation.

Great Chamber/Peekaboo Slot Canyon UTV Tour 4hrs

We travel to and from each place in a fun UTV. We see Peekaboo Slot Canyon, The Great Chamber, and a hidden lake.

Private Day Trip to Zion National Park from Salt Lake City

This tour can be personalized to suit your needs. Whether your goal is to capture that perfect picture, or to ascend the sandstone cliffs at Angels Landing, we are flexible to your needs. As this is personalized tour, you will not share this experience with others not included in your party.

Full-Day Private Hiking Tour in Arches National Park

Our guides team is made up of Master Naturalists, experts with Master’s Degrees in Outdoor and Sustainability Education, lifelong Montanans, and more!

We’ll stop at natural arches and stunning sandstone formations. We can hike to off-the-beaten path features to experience the park like a local. Our guides will share stories of the park’s human and geological history as well as information about flora and fauna.

East Zion Experiences 2-Hour Slot Canyon Canyoneering UTV Tour

Travel in our off-road Can Am Defenders to the Coal Hollow Slot Canyon. This tour is a great tour for young families and beginning canyoneers. After arriving at the canyon we will have a 1/2 mile steep hike. We will then Rappel through the slot canyon via 4 rappels.
Private Tours for groups of 4 or more.

Fisher Towers Half-Day Rafting Day Trip from Moab

Experience the beauty of a rafting trip along the Colorado River near Fisher Towers, a short drive from Moab. Seemingly untouched by civilization, the landscape of stunning red rock canyons cut by the Colorado River provides awe-inspiring vistas throughout the day. Between thrilling bouncy rapids, you can swim, take photos and listen as your guide shares informative commentary about the ecology, wildlife and human history of the region. Choose either a half-day or full-day trip and enjoy an incredible rafting excursion for the whole family.

With various departures during the day at 9:00 am, 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm, the half-day trip can fit into most schedules. Bring the whole family on a fun-filled half-day Colorado River trip that runs about 7 river miles (11 km) with fantastic scenery and moderate rapids. Noon departures include a lunch by the riverside.

Peekaboo Sandboarding Adventure (Private)

Here is the best combined experience you will find near Kanab, Utah and Zion National Park. Come out with us on a true adventure. Guides do the driving for this tour. NO GUEST DRIVING. This tour is a private experience to a public location. By private we mean that we don’t combine groups. (Minimum 2 guests per booking.) If you have any questions about the privatization of the tour please contact us. If you have a group larger than 15, please let us know!

The tour starts off with an awesome UTV ride to Peek-A-Boo slot canyon. After hiking the canyon, we ride up to the sand dunes for some sandboarding. Worried about boarding? Sit down and sled! Sandboarding is a great activity for kids. This tour is very family friendly and lasts approximately 1.5-2 hours.

East Zion “Top of the Rock” Rock Climbing (Via Ferrata), Canyoning, & Rappelling

Get away from the crowds and come experience an exhilarating guided tour to the very top of the highest vertical ascent Via Ferrata in Utah (over 1,000 ft vertical from ground to peak), including rock climbing (via ferratta style) multiple rappels and some super fun scrambling through an amazing mini canyon, all on our privately owned land that we don’t have to share with anyone. One of our experienced guides will lead you on all three pitches of our custom designed Via Ferrata located on our very own private red and white rock faced cliff. From the top, you’ll witness an unparalleled view of the valley and into Zion National Park. It’s spectacular!! The 4:30pm start time will wrap up at or near sunset, which is magical cliff side.

Special iron steps installed up the whole face of the rock make this activity possible for most guests over the age of 10.

Moab Combo: Colorado River Rafting and Canyonlands 4X4 Tour

Explore Canyonlands National Park by 4-wheel drive (4WD) and go white-water rafting on a guided, full-day combo tour that ventures from the Island in the Sky district to the Colorado River. Start by driving off-road through the spectacular scenery of Island in the Sky and portions of the White Rim Road and Shafer Trail. After a buffet lunch, hit the Colorado River for a fun afternoon of rafting the rapids. This is a great trip for all ages with a taste of everything: deep canyons, ancient rock art, fossils, natural stone arches and the mighty river.

35 Mile – Zion National Park Panoramic Helicopter Flight

Your tour begins from our heliport located just minutes from the Zion National Park Entrance. Your flight will depart north taking in views of Smith Mesa, Zion, and Red Butte Mountain.

Off-Road Private Jeep Adventure in Moab Utah

At the trailhead, your experience begins with a slow climb up a very narrow rock. You will be shocked as our experienced driver and tricked out Jeep maneuvers through steep and rocky obstacles. On the way, we will stop so you can see some dinosaur footprints in Moab’s iconic red rock! A few steeper climbs up and down will end at the very famous overlook, where you can view the backside of Arches National Park and the Colorado River. It’s a view you will never forget! After the overlook, we make our way back the way we came. This off-road experience offers adventure and scenery! Our professional driver is there to make the experience exciting, safe, and unforgettable!

(NOTE this booking is for a MAX of 4 people only! do not make a booking of 4 and re book again for another for 4 we will have to adjust your reservation)

Horseback Riding Experience through Red Canyon with a Guide

Started in 1948, by Grandpa Rich, Red Canyon Trail Rides has been showing visitors to Bryce Canyon the beauty of Bryce Canyon that can only be appreciated from horseback. Family Owned and Operated, Red Canyon Trail Rides offers full vacation amenities with their sister company Bryce Canyon Pines.

Our unparalleled local knowledge and care for the preservation of the Bryce Canyon Area makes us your best choice in guided Bryce Canyon area horse rides.

Salt Lake City Guided Bus Tour

Entertaining character skits provide fun and historical insights.
See the best attractions of the city with an entertaining live narration by a local expert guide who also gets off the bus with you at the tour stops.

Air-conditioned sightseeing buses. Group sizes over 10 have panoramic windows.

Moab Xtreme 2-Hour Experience

Just because this is short – doesn’t mean it’s boring! This is 2 hours of a thrilling ride up and over the iconic Red Rocks. This tour does not include the obstacles that the 3 Hour offers – so it might be just perfect for someone who wants an exciting ride – but not *too* thrilling.

Hells Revenge trail is a slick rock trail in the Sand Flats Recreation Area. It is a 4 minute ride from our store to the trail head. We will meet and load up at our location and head out right from there. The trail is a word famous trail and is absolutely scenic and beautiful. You’ll see the La Sal Mountain Range, stand 1,000ft. Above the Colorado River, and look into Arches National Park from a distance. Our vehicles are built specifically for your safety and comfort in mind.

There are plenty of beautiful photo opportunities on this trip as well as some history about the area! Water and snacks are provided.

Tours Depart Morning, Mid-Day and Sunset.
Departing times vary on season.
All ages welcome!

Private Peek-A-Boo slot canyon guided tours

Experienced guide of 40 years. First tour company in the area. Knowledgeable guides. Four wheel drive high clearance Jeep Rubicon. Where the road ends and the adventure begins!

East Zion: Half-day Canyoneering Tour

Canyoneering is one of our most unique activities, and it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Zion National Park area holds some of the world’s premier canyoneering opportunities. This thrilling activity combines climbing, hiking, and rappelling; it gives you the ability to explore stunning slot-canyons that have been carved by water and wind. Exploring the Slot-Canyons of Southern Utah is a unique experience, but only one click away for you!

Arches National Park 4×4 Adventure from Moab

Enjoy your 4-hour 4×4 tour of Arches National Park, from Moab. Travel off-road to reach more remote locations (the backcountry) away from the crowds with an experienced guide. Take in amazing geological formations such as sandstone spires and layered red rock. Admire the sandstone fin known as Marching Men and the 92-foot (28-meter) span of Tower Arch. You will visit Eye of the Whale Arch. All this from the comfort of one of our fully enclosed, air-conditioned, 4×4 vehicles.

Half Day Slot Canyon Canyoneering near East Zion

A scenic hike in / hike out canyoneering experience with a series of rappels through beautiful sand stone slot canyons. Great for any skill level, no experience necessary. Located near Kanab, on the East side of Zion.

Monument Valley 4×4 Tour

Experience the enchantment of Monument Valley and immerse yourself in the Navajo culture with a homegrown guide!

During a 2.5 hour Monument Valley tour in one of our open-air vehicles you will explore the iconic landscape of Monument Valley with the advantage of going through backcountry routes and restricted areas. The tour covers various sites such as John Ford’s Point, the Big Hogan, Ear of the Wind and many more including a cultural demonstration by your Navajo guide and a visit to a traditional Navajo Hogan where you can witness the Navajo prepare their wool and demonstrate their craft of rug weaving!

Guided Snowshoe Excursion in Park City

In addition to the two hour tour, we can add on extras such as a fun sled right down the mountain, picnic lunch, a hot spring cave experience, etc. Call or email us for more details.

2 Day Rental of Park City Premium Ski Package

Skip the line and bring your ski gear straight to you! This premium service delivers ski rental equipment directly to your lodging and custom fits skis, boots and poles for men and women in the comfort of your living area. Make your vacation as convenient and fun as possible with this ski package.